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  1. I understand that, and I have it configured per that article. The problem is that it doesn't actually work in anything like real time. For the last two days I've left both programs up and running, with a handful of sales invoiced in Express Invoice and a couple of new items added into inventoria. Nothing has updated in anything like real time. The new items added in Inventoria have propagated through to Express Invoice within an hour or so Some but not all of the quantities for the invoiced items have propagated back to Inventoria - some within a few hours, some after
  2. Looking for assistance to get Express Invoice syncing with Inventoria. Basic configuaration seems to be correct - Express Invoice can connect and retrieve locations, and selecting update now from the preferences page downloads all the items from Inventoria into express invoice. But barring one 5 minute period I'm unable to get express invoice to update chances in quantities back into inventoria. For the 5 minute period it did work inventoria was getting updated in realtime - but I don't know what caused it to start working or what caused it to stop working. Software is installed on
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