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    Exort Error

    I sent a bug report today, and was adviced to download and install an extention or bug fix for version 7.37 which I had recently installed. However, after this action, it seems to be impossible to export a complete slideshow containing a video file as one of the slides. As I said in the last post, exporting to vmw seems to work, but text on the slides does not behave smooth - instead of fading in the text often lights up, dissapears and then fades in again. Well, new bug report is sent, and I hope the developers are able to sort out this trouble. Best regards, Svein Erik Tøien
  2. SEToien

    Exort Error

    I have created a slideshow of 138 slides mainly jpg-files, but also including a WMV video file. Exporting to mp4 caused the same error message as other have reported: ""codec component is corrupted, missing or inaccesible please delete the component "drive location" x264enc7.exe and retry." Deleting the file gave no change in result. Doing a "Repair" from windows control panel also no change. I finally tried to export the prosject as wmv video file. This seems to work. I need advice/support to solve the issue of failure to export to mp4! Actually it seems to be a program bug. Best r
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