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  1. Hi All Video preview is running slow which makes the editing very frustrating it happens in both project preview or individual video clip editing How it looks: It takes while from the time I click to the time video start playing. sound start before. video is played in slow motion. video cursor is not sync to the displayed frame I assume it is a matter of codec but I don't know how to fix it I have latest photostage installed 7.50 on windows 10. I have k-lite codec packs installed video clips are mp4 from Samsung S10 device. appreciate your help to resolve thi
  2. I see there is not much of an activity here. however I did got response from the support team: "unfortunately notone fast way to do this is to split the audio clip where the video clips start and finishthen just mute or delete the audio clip" and this was my response: " Thanks for your response I must admit that I am a bit disappointed It is very common to have video clips integrated inside your slideshow and reducing the volume of the background music is a must. The manual way of doing so takes so much time, which causes the overall time you spent on the slides
  3. Hi All My slideshows are mainly based on photos with background music, and there are few videos along the timeline. While the videos are displayed I need the background musing to be volume down (or muted) I know there is a manual way to do it by setting different volume for the background music along the timeline. However it takes too much time to do so for several videos, and each time I change something in the time line I need to modify it is there an automatic why to tell photostage to change the volume of the background music during videos? Thanks
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