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  1. Hi ! Did you manage to find a solution ? I'm stripping lots of 'ornamentation' from a CTG sewer model to make the base modular. Upside, MM's UI is nice, mostly intuitive. 🙂 Downside, I could not find any way for MM to select any chunk of detailed pipes, greebles etc except one triangle or face at a time. 🙁 There seems no tool for 'lassooing' stuff that's in plain sight. I fumbled my way to Boolean subtraction, which needs much better work-flow explanation. When I got that the right way around, MM went away to rebuild the model's tree, was still working when I shrugged and stopped it. Then I persuaded MM to split my mega-object to components. That yielded ~200+ parts, down to nuts, bolts and sewer-rusty washers. Big stuff was easily deleted. Small stuff could be seen but, even zoomed, proved very hard to select. Again, need that 'lassoo'. I thought of using a cube and Boolean to blat a bunch, but you must select the parts to merge etc. And if I could easily select them, I wouldn't be trying this work-around... Also, there's no list of stuff. Being able to click on a component in list, see it high-lighted on screen, then hitting delete, add to selection or whatever would solve much... So, will your model split to components of manageable size ? Even if you must do it in stages, deleting all but a tranche then re-group those, rinse and repeat, you've a possible route to modules that will fit your printer... N
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