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  1. Hi All, I've setup web access and got all the port forwarding working fine, user accounts are correct. When I select the web access icon / link it opens a browser with the login page, I enter the user accounts details and all it gives me is the following text on an otherwise blank page: document.cookie = 'inventoria_sess=sjlptiivz9; path=/'; window.location = 'chooseprofile'; Anybody have any ideas? cheers
  2. Hi All, been using inventoria for years but want to use web access so I can access my stock database remotely. I've followed the setup and it has created the account however when I try and access the ip:port it logs me in with the credentials but then displays a bit of static tect and I can do nothing else. document.cookie = 'inventoria_sess=sverprjka3; path=/'; window.location = 'chooseprofile'; any ideas? thanks
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