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    Hello When capturing video, the preview screen reads Video Capture Mode. I went into Options/Record to check settings. Disable preview when recording in screen capture is UNCHECKED. Minimize debut window when recording if it is covering the recording selection is CHECKED. So not sure why I can't get the preview window to show in Debut when recording. Any clues? Thank you so much Todd
  2. So yesterday I was playing around and actually was able to create a DVD. I then went back to try again and can't recreate. When I had my project in Video pad, I did an edit and saved it. But I saved it as a MOV file. As soon as I did that, a burn window popped up and I completed the burn. Would this make sense? I ask because now I can' re-create it. (OMG...I'm losing my hair)
  3. I was told above that I didn't need to create an ISO file in order to burn to my disk.? Do you want me to send a vieopad file? Those are the files I can't get onto disk. If so, I'm not sure how to attach the file in this forum? I keep trying different files....ISO. Videopad files (That convert automatically when asking for a DVD movie), mp4's, everything. And I just cant get it to my disk to play in my stand alones. THANK YOU Todd
  4. When I go to the drive with the DVD inserted, I do have those files listed under the VIDEO_TS. However, when I click on either of the VOB files, it takes me right to Prizm. It's not autoplaying the DVD but it doesn't show the menu on the screen either.I don't care about autoplay a much as the player reading the disk as I ran it with a menu There is just something I think I'm missing in the burning process.
  5. Nat Thanks for the detailed information. So I have followed the format to the letter. It was a VPR file from videopad and did the burn through videopad and still no luck. I made sure it was pointed to the DVD writer, made sure I had NTSC checked, made sure autoplay was checked marked in Control Panel, verified it burned correctly and still...it's not working. I can see that it has written to the disc. I have 2 stand alone DVD players and it doesn't work on either of them.(All other DVD's I have work on both) I place the disk in the DVD player/writer attached to my computer , and it does noting. I go to file explorer and click on the DVD drive and the only files are the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS files. Nothing to click on to even start the DVD. Which I shouldn't have to do if autoplay is checked in control panel anyway. I just can't see where I'm missing a step anywhere, at least from the above info. I use to use this years ago, but stopped for a while. Now I'm back into it and can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Any clue? Thank you Todd
  6. I don't want to play it on my pc. I want to play it on my standalone dvd player attached to my TV. So you are saying to switch to the Video/External media? AT what point does the above box show up when burning? Am I correct that I need to have the file as an ISO file first before trying to burn?
  7. Auto play is checked in my computer for ALL MEDIA. I burn the ISO file to a DVD. But when inserted into my DVD player near my television, nothing will play. There is nothing that comes up to click to start the dvd so I assumed that it would auto play in my DVD player. O burned th ISO file to DVD with Express Burn. I can get the files to play in my computer, just not from the DVD. Thank you
  8. Trying to put all of this software together and I still can't get things to work. I capture video through NCH Debut. I then import that video (which is usually an mp4 file) into video editor. I make the changes I need to make and save it. I then export it to create and ISO file so that I can create a DVD. Then I import that ISO file into Express Burn to create a DVD. It writes to the DVD (by looking at it) but when I put it into my player, nothinghappens. And I have 2 different players to try it on. It just sits there. I'm am obviously missing a step along the way but I can't figure out what it is I need to do to get that DVD to actually play. Anyone out there that could point me in the right direction? I would be so grateful so that I can cut down on my stress of trying to get this to work. Thank you Todd
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