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  1. Fred28... Thank you very much for your reply. I ended up buying the new Apple TV 4K and streaming the videos worked on that device. I already had a Roku 4K and I thought the attributes that I was specifying in the video file export process should have worked. But for some reason the streaming did not work on the Roku..... I'm not sure why. Again... thank you very much for your suggestions.
  2. After I create video files using PhotoStage, I add them to my itunes library, and sync them to my phone. But I am unable to stream them using Apple's Airplay streaming process. I keep getting the following message: "This video is in a format that can't be streamed to this TV" I have tried .mp4 and .mov file types and a whole assortment of resolutions. They play fine on my phone and if I connect my phone to my TV via an adapter and HDMI cable, they play on the TV but I can't get them to stream. I have no trouble streaming other content to my TV. Are other people able to stream your PhotoStage videos? How? Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. Thank you for responding but I don't want to mute the video clip. I want to hear only the video clip when it's playing. I want to mute the background audio during the video clip. Right now I hear both the background audio (music) and the sound from the video clip. I have tried unlinking the sound clip from the video clip, then I right clicked the unlinked audio clip, and checked the option to "Suppress the volume of soundtrack behind this video clip". But that didn't do anything. I can still hear both the background music and the sound from the video clip at the same time when playing the slideshow. Help.
  4. I am creating a slideshow in PhotoStage. It will contain several hundred photos and about 15 short video clips. I want to have background music during all of the still photos and some of the video clips. However, I have several videos that have sound/audio that I want to hear, instead of the background music, while those videos are playing. How can I mute the background music audio while those videos with sound are playing?
  5. Is there a way to organize all files in the Media Tab within Folders or to keep my Windows File Explorer file/folder structure? I am doing a slideshow of a trip that I took where I went to 31 different places. I have all my photos (about 750) and a few videos organized in Windows File Explorer by folder..... one for each of the 31 places. There will likely be many duplicate file names across the folders. And the photos were taken with multiple cameras and phones so the file names don't have a significant meaning or sequence. I'm afraid that when I load the photos in to Photostage I will have a disorganized mess of 750 photos and videos, not to mention audio files.
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