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  1. Hi Josh and Daniel, I have successfully registered my SoundTap Stream Recorder and am now starting up on using the device. Thank you both for your assistance. And thank you, too, to Christian Fernandez for your assistance. That help much appreciated. Regards, Terence.
  2. Thanks Josh. The screen shot is a help. But how do I get to that? Do I start with the NCH Index? This index: https://www.nch.com.au/index.html? If so, which item do I click on to get to the screen shot? Your help so far much appreciated. And may I say that I have appreciated Daniel's help, too, as far as that went. Regards, Terry.
  3. Hi there, Can someone please help me? I have purchased a SoundTap Stream Recorder and have a registration code. What I want to do now is to register this product so that i can start using it. I have been supplied with series of 6 steps to do this. The first 3 of these are: 1 Select Soundtap on the top left corner. 2 Then select Register Software. 3 I am told that his will ' provide [me] with a window ... to enter the code. What I don't know is where the starting point for this is. The top left hand corner of what? Can someone please give ma link to the starting point for thjs so that I can start by selecting SoundTap in the top left hand corner and select 'Register Software'. The advice I have from Daniel in the NCH Customer Service Team does not give me the starting point for registering my code. Can someone please email me this starting point. Regards, Terry.
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