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  1. so when i opened it, it was an auto save of a blank project, likely because after loading the auto save after the restart, and failing to load it, it created a new project, and overwrites the previous auto save. So I take it as I wasted 5 hours
  2. well i diddnt close it. my pc froze and i was forced to unplug it and take the battery out (its a laptop)
  3. where would i look? also i didn't save once, also i don't think there'd be a vpj anywhere
  4. So I was editing a video, was on the outro, over 5 hours worth of work. I get up to close my door, then i come back to my pc all screwed up, frozen. It's happened in the past, I have to unplug it because it's so frozen the power button doesn't work. It's happened befrore nothing new. I am unplugging it, then the realization hit. All the 5 hours of work, gone. I remember that VideoPad has an auto save feature, and am a little bet less freaked out. When I open VideoPad I'm asked if I wanna load from Auto Save, I do, and it fails to. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/653822703853240350/707067544409866270/unknown.png This is the error I was greeted with. I look at recent projects, not in there. I look in documents, open Video Pad, look in the projects folder, and all there is is the templets folder. I look everywhere and no where can I find a way to fix it. Like is there anywhere I can see all auto saves?, as i accadently overwrited the auto save that failed with an empty one as when it failed to load it opened a blank project. PLEASE HELP ME. I don't want to have to repeat the 5 hours of work.
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