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  1. Thank you gents: Thanks for your input; However, I solved the problem as follows: The “default” presentation on my screen was the “Storyboard” display mode. In this mode, it will not let me add a second audio track (as you probably know.) It wouldn’t even display “Track 1” or ‘Track 2.” It only showed “Linked Audio.” I “accidentally” selected the “Timeline” mode, and now it will let me add tracks as you described. It is very irritating to me that I could not find any instructions from NCH describing these two modes. It took me three days of experimenting to figure this out. I shouldn’t have to do that. NCH could (and should) do a better job explaining these things for new users! I now have a second question: Since I was having trouble initially, I went ahead and paid NCH their fee for their “free” software. I did so because I thought this would get me better service from them. I did reach out to tech support and they have not responded. I don’t expect that I will need further help, so should I request a refund? (They said they would refund my fee.) Thank again for your help! Karl
  2. Yes I have registered. When I drag my audio clip below the existing audio track, nothing happens. It does not insert my clip. I will try the other method you described by using the red cursor. Thanks for your help!
  3. I just purchased my "free" VideoPad software. "Professional version 8.35." For home use only. I have created a sequence with video (and audio.) Now, I'm trying to add a second audio track to "overlay" the existing video (and linked audio) on one clip. The program will not let me do this. I have watched the "help" videos and my program is not responding like the video. What am I doing wrong?
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