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  1. Using PNG image? Which resolution are you using when you export?
  2. Hello, @borate: I've sent you another PM. Problem is still there with other effects...
  3. That was for a visual effect showing accelerated time you see...
  4. I was uploading a portable project on my Drive. Then just had your message When I check for updates in the software, i get the message that is up to date... Is that because I use it in French?
  5. Hello, thank you for the answer. I really need to export in 4K... Most of my videos sources are 4k and photos are even higher in resolution. And my TV is 4k Unfortunately, I can't upgrade to 8.35 as I'm a free user... I have 8.33. I will try to share a package, but I need to replace content.
  6. Hello, I'm a recent user and I really enjoy the software, my footage is almost done after hours of work but I'm a bit scared with an important issue. My video contain multiple video tracks with multiple simultaneous effects (transparency, scale, in-out fades, Pan and zoom, brightness-contrast adjustments). Some effects also use keyframes. An idea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bjsaKYhB62wxduANY8ktZpGpkMUFqlpg/view?usp=sharing In the preview window, the result is exactly as expected. Now I'm trying to export my video in 4k resolution. I've tried MKV and MP4
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