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  1. Thank you! I'm using the product to log a ONE-TIME 12-hour radio stream/broadcast. Have mountains of disc space so we'll see if it supports GB file sizes. And the software did dump the stream during a longish pause at the two hour mark. I happened to be monitoring and got it restarted without loss of program but that it's a REALLY STUPID default action! 😡 Offering this product as a logging solution which STOPS LOGGING during interruptions (which is a fundamental purpose loggers) is absurd! 👎 I read the previous circular discussion which had people looking for a non-ex
  2. Also: What is the maximum length/size recording I can make? 12 hours MP3??
  3. I am trying to load the following streaming URL directly into SoundTap but it seems to want to open another application?? Can I not record DIRECTLY from the streaming URL? http://noasrv.caster.fm:10188/live.m3u
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