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  1. Tried the Record button. Tells me no video capture devices detected. So apparently I have to buy a capture unit to plug into USB. Was hoping could use NDI or could use the OBS camera plugin. Any plugins available for VideoPad.
  2. I am running a Mac. What I was hoping was being able to bring my iPhone video/audio through either NDI or USB into the program. I wanted to use OBS studio but all it wants to do is live stream. I am trying to make Bible Study content for YouTube. On OBS the record settings are all grayed out can't adjust. Tried reinstalling it. Sunday will be here before I know so was trying to come up with another alternative.
  3. Is there any way to use VideoPad for Video Creation? I want to input a camera, my iPhone 10, Using NDI and record for videos. I have been all over the menus if it is there I have missed how. Dr. Mike Hughes, Minister Springhill church of Christ
  4. How do I import .mov files to be able to edit. Also can I import after effect files?
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