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  1. Thanks for your input Nat! I'm not certain what version I was on on Steam I know that it was newer than 4.58 since so many features are absent! I'll take it up with steam and see if they are able to help me at all Thank you!
  2. My problem is that I have paid for the Steam version and the version that it was on was mostly up to date. Its now reverted to an even OLDER version than the 2016 one. I'd be happy to purchase the software again assuming I get my initial refund but then that begs the problem of the exchange rate emptying my bank account with the dollar conversion
  3. Hi The other day I launched VideoPad (Which I've purchased through Steam) on my Desktop Computer and noticed that it had reverted itself to version 4.58 I brushed it off and tried on my Laptop (off the same Steam account) and it had done the same thing. Is this a bug? I'm finding it difficult to use this software in a version thats missing most of the features I use. Please help! My work revolves around this software and it would be a mission to acquire a new one now... Thanks
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