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  1. Hi I'm a musician and student in Virginia and because of the Corona Virus going around I have been unable to be a part of the arts as of late. Through online resources myself and my choir have been connecting and finding ways to interact. Through the Crescendo software I have been able to copy, create, and duplicate music scores and sheets and then share them digitally as PDFs and Audio files for us to practice with and learn from. Unfortunately I have been using the demo version and the other night my trial ran out. My director and I were wondering if there was any way you could grant a free version or trial of any edition to help us out during this time? I would purchase it but with this sickness and me being out of work I'm worried about money and while it is a product definitely worth the $40-70 normally, it's just a lot of money I need to conserve right now. I only ask because I have seen a lot of music software companies handing out free subscriptions due to the sickness and I much prefer NCH. Please let me know as soon as possible and thank you for your time. Either way your products are definitely top of the line, we love them! #KeepTheArtsGoing #Corona #NCH #Crescendo #Music
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