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  1. I installed and payed v.8.12. Did you see my links posted above? Ok, Today I try to do experiment with another hardware and OS. And I try to describe my problem again. There is no issues with printing or inserting text in Videopad's text editor for the first time. I can do it. And russian text is Ok. Then I do somthing else and after a while I go back to the Videopad's text editor to change fontsize in this TextClip. When I click on Videopad's text editor field the russian text turn into rubbish.
  2. I just want to change font background, for example ))) I don't want to change text that was set before from goole trans or notepad or smth else. I just point cursor on Videopad's text editor and text in workspace transforms into irrelevant set of symbols. And I have to paste and format text once more.
  3. I did it. And do you have any problem when you try to edit text in this TextClip once more? I have a trouble with font when I try to edit this text in second time.
  4. I have tried to do this. I typed text in notepad (and in word also), pasted it in Videopad's text editor. Resulte is the same :-( p.s. Have tried open links. All correct, I see.
  5. When I try to edit TextClip with russian text, for example, "Проверка" the text in workspace transforms into "Пu1088 оu1074 еu1088 кu1072" and there is no way to turn it back 😞 How can I edit russian text in TextClip?! 1. Created TextClip with russian text. All correct https://ibb.co/ykmvKp7 2. I'm trying to change TextClip. https://ibb.co/0yF5r0H 3. And russian text transforms automatically into this and no way to return it back https://ibb.co/QYCwm4Y
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