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  1. The pictures have been taken with an iPhone 5S and transferred to my PC as JPEG files. I open them with Photo Pad, crop and/or adjust the lighting and save as JPEG. The GPS field of the metadata of the original picture has three lines; longitude, latitude and altitude. I do a "save as" jpeg and modify the file name. The edited file only contains one line in the GPS field which is altitude. I should note that I am using a Dell laptop with a Windows 10 operating system.
  2. I recently purchased PhotoPad. I noticed that when I checked edited file's Priorities Details tab the GPS field "longitude and latitude" data had been removed; however, the "altitude" information remained. Is there a setting, or a procedure what would avoid this happening? I use my photos in mapping software. Removing the data results in the inability to map edited photos. This problem doesn't happen in other photo editing software. What I'm trying to say is "Is there a way to keep the original photo's GPS Metadata on an edited picture?"
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