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  1. Can someone enlighten me on the procedure for viewing all account balances for previous periods...for example, how do I see where my bank accounts stood on September 18 2019? Thanks Paul
  2. Hi, I am considering Moneyline as an alternative to Moneyspire....can anyone tell me if it is possible to download Australian Stock Exchange share prices directly into Moneyline?. I have three stocks in my portfolio. Regards, Paul. Queensland.
  3. Hi KWS...I asked a similar question relating to DreamPlan as you did...I see you have had little response....were you able to figure it out?....I don't know how to set the default dimensions for walls....I can set the wall height and width prior to drawing a wall but when I want to commence a new wall the dimensions have reverted back to as they were. Paul.
  4. Happy to chat to anyone from anywhere....stop by and say G'day.

  5. Hi all...DreamPlan is quite different to other design apps I have used....how do I set wall dimensions defaults?.....I understand the Free Draw/Fixed Draw settings but I don't want to have to come back and reset the wall height and wall width every time I commence a new wall. Also, can I set the absolute wall length dimensions?...I know I can simply draw the wall by dragging across the screen but am I able to enter the required dimensions anywhere? Thanks Paul Queensland, Australia.
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