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  1. @borate I hear the same distorted weird noise in your low resolution version :S It's not a constant noise, I don't know how to describe it. Like spikes of glitchy sounds that last only a fraction of second but can be heard multiple times whenever there's plastic or rubbery sound, in all my videos. Are you sure you don't hear anything, when listening to the exact timeframe I provided? @Dangerfreak I did try exporting it in AVI, the sound is fine but I'm having the hardest time watching the video using either VLC or Windows media player. I can only watch the whole thing, whenever I skip to
  2. Hi, Here is the link to my project. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pl9MLNP9tc9U3AAHVSYrDaFGFBb2PZtU The glitchy sound can be heard here and there in all the video but is especially intense when manipulating plastic bags like from 0:47 to 1:40 and from 11:04 to 11:25 @Dangerfreak I did not have a chance to try what you suggested but I will tonight after work! Can they be uploaded to Youtube as easily? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have an ASMR Youtube Channel, so everything revolves around sounds. I often use gloves and different objects that make crackling sounds. In the original file, the sound is perfect. After exporting, a very annoying glitchy-alien-sounding sound is added whenever there is crackling like plastic bags sound, latex gloves sounds, rustling leaves sounds etc. The rest of the video where I talk and/or whisper (they are relaxation videos) and manipulate other objects is perfectly fine. I have been experiencing this issue since I started editing videos 1 year ago but I didn't care much ab
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