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  1. When you save the songs, do you “save all files” or do you save individually. And where, ITunes and if in Itunes, do you create a folder?
  2. I have this one file which I needed to split into uneven tracks. I used the home/bookmarks, then edit/split at cursor, then save as. I now cannot find my work. And it seems that the CD i made has only one track...please help. i am new at this. It downed on me that there is also a project save option. What is the difference between file save as and project save. May be it is because I might not have saved the project that I cannot find my work??? Thank you for taking the time to answer.
  3. Oh, thank you. I might do this. I am now waiting for a help call from NCH.
  4. I must downloaded wavepad. The internet tells me to click on bookmakrs from the “hamburger” but there is no bookmarks to be seen. The recording for my cd is ready. I just need to cut the file in several pieces and number and name them. It is even possible with wavepad?
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