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  1. Hi,no error message,simply when I press the record button nothing happens, a file is created but it is empty, if I try to play that file the music player opens but nothing starts. I tried to reinstall the software but the problem remains.
  2. ok, i try thanks,but I do not know if it depends on VideoPad because the problem also occurs with other software that is always nch that is voxal. The difference is that in Voxal does not return to me no error message,simply does not record anything..
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply .. the settings are ok both in windows and in videopad, unfortunately the problem is the same, could my sound card be incompatible? It doesn't work in any case, not even with Default Sound in, I just can't understand. The error message says:unable to start recording, make sure you have the microphone or other audio capture device connected.
  4. Ciao a tutti, sono un nuovo utente del forum, ho appena iniziato a utilizzare Voxal e sono molto soddisfatto, ma ho un problema, non riesco a registrare l'audio.Uso una scheda audio usb presonus audiobox su Windows 10 a 64 bit ed è facilmente riconoscibile dal software, ma quando provo a registrare l'audio mi dà un errore e dice Connetti microfono anche se è collegato e le impostazioni audio sono corrette .Come posso risolverlo?Per favore, scusa il mio inglese, grazie.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a new user of the forum, I just started using videopad and I'm very satisfied, but I have a problem, I can't record audio. I use a presonus audiobox usb sound card on windows 10 64 bit and it is easily recognized by the software, but when I try to record the audio it gives me an error and says connect microphone even if it is connected and the audio settings are correct. How can I solve it? Please excuse my English, thanks.
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