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  1. Shortening the video to the length of the slide works too, but that's not a particularly elegant solution either...
  2. Thanks for the reply, Chris. We're talkin: video clip 11 sec; transition 1 sec; following slide 3 sec. Maybe the video needs to be <4 sec? I dunno...
  3. Hi Guys, My slideshow contains both still pics and video clips. The problem being: during preview/playback the timeline marker continues to advance past the video clip while the clip is still playing. The result is that when the video clip finally completes, the slides following the video flash by at hyperspeed until the preview/playback catches up to where the timeline marker has advanced. At that point the playback proceeds normally until the next video clip when the overlap problem repeats. Incidentally, I've just updated to the latest version (6.39) from 3.0 -- quite a jump I kn
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