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  1. Awesome tip videofreak! I’m now convinced it’s a videopad bug. heres what I did. Uninstall/reinstall. No dice! So I reopened the project and did your suggestion. As expected it was crashing at export every time at 2.5%. (This was the 16 second mark on the timeline) which happened to be the start of the first transition. I Removed the transition, this time export got by 2.5% no problem! It then went to 8% (the 25 second mark) then crashed. You guessed it. It would crash again at the start of another transition! I Removed it, I could now export again and again it got past the 8% mark. That
  2. Thanks Borate for the info. I will upload my projects as per instructions. NO sensitive material exists. Then will go from there thanks again
  3. Banging my head on the wall here. About 13 years ago I did a lot of Video for weddings. Back then using MiniDV and editing in a licensed copy of Premiere Pro. So I was looking for a basic program to edit family projects now that technology has gone away from tapes. So I tried, liked it, then purchased Videopad. However, after many hours of troubleshooting and reading many others online having the SAME problem, I may be canceling my subscription to Videopad. In a nutshell ive been wasting my time on something that should be simple. I can't export video. It crashes each and every time at 2.
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