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  1. Options > Display> Prefix [ Suffix ] OK.
  2. Yes, MJ!! That is exactly what I was here hoping to find already existed. It would be SO helpful, too hard to watch the clock on top of typing. I second your motion!!
  3. Guys! I got it! There was a little 'channel' box that popped open to the right. Never had it on my Mac, didn't know what it was or why the settings are relevant...still don't, but when I clicked on the number box the sound came on. ??? This will not allow me to insert a screen clip of it. Never mind... after going away and starting the audio over upon my return, again... it does not work. What the what???
  4. Same issue. I used my Express Scribe with no issue last week now today- no volume. Other things play without issue. I used Express Scribe on my Mac for years without issue but since trying w/ Windows I've had this issue a couple of times. Reboot! ?
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