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  1. It would appear to have now been updated, as it now shows up and is functional on my Mac. Only problem is won't restore my purchase? GREAT, not only (after paying IN FULL), do I lose the use of it for a month, I now can't use all its features because "IT" as a "problem restoring my features". I Do seriously wish I'd chosen another product.
  2. FABULOUS! Refunds? :-)))))))))))))))))
  3. So I've just updated my MacBook Pro to Catalina OS and It's saying that I need to contact NCH for an update/upgrade so that Mixpad will work with the new OS system. I'm not a PC nerd or Apple "expert", so I'm sitting here wondering why (when I go to the Apple Store to download the latest version of Mixpad), It hasn't been updated for 2 YEARS!?!?! Seriously? I can't find anything about it on your haphazard website either? Still..... You enjoy that pint and a nice meal on that money I paid you to use Mixpad.
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