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  1. I have an invoice where a customer paid using a credit card via SquareUp. How do I log the processing fee to balance the books?
  2. Also of note I did try recalculating the balances in Express Accounts to see if it helps. (To do this, click the Transactions menu option in the main window and select Recalculate Customers' Balances. Express Accounts will run a recalculation automatically.) Nothing changed for the Unpaid Accounts Report.
  3. I've viewed my invoice and manually tallied my unpaid invoices and they came to $195. The Unpaid Accounts Report shows $352 with many balances being double the amount. Additionally I've 3 entries that say they are 18184 Days Overdue. How do I go about correcting the Unpaid Accounts report.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I've got everything in order now.
  5. New Statement Balance: $2,714.44 Calculated Statement Balance: $3,204.44 (This is my actual account balance) Out of Balance: $490.00 When I change the New Statement Balance to reflect my bank balance of $3,204.44 everything of course balances out, but when I hit reconcile and re-open I still have the above issue. ( Of note: the $490 is the exact amount of a deposit that consisted of multiple checks and cash deposits but my undeposited account has a $0 value)
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