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  1. Great thanks I'll take a look
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your suggestion, nothing seems to have worked so I think I will try manually routing the signal into a hardware mixer along with the mic and running that back into the mic inputs (which Debut is happy to record from. Thanks again.
  3. Hi forum I am recording a screen cast of Cubase audio workstation and the audio from my mic is being recorded (though only on the left channel, not sure why), but the audio from Cubase is not. I have tried all settings in the Audio Options including setting Speakers to MMDevice and Filter Driver to no avail. I have also tried to start Debut BEFORE Cubase and run Debut as Administrator, makes no difference. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi @Nationalsolo and @borate, thanks very much for your help and support that is very helpful information and quite a bit for me to get my head around being quite new to video, but thanks it's great to know there is a lot of help on these forums. Also I will log a feature request for resizing of the video lanes. Cheers, Jeremy
  5. Thanks very much for your detailed replies. I've tried pulling down and up the sizing bars but to no avail, please see screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cBGRLi1MovejlEhWkmn1_7kNpwX339Hg/view?usp=sharing Also, I'm a bit confused why you'd need multiple video tracks (apart from text overlays), because presumably only the top video is visible in the final video and I assume it's not possible to do transitions between video clips on different lanes, or perhaps I'm missing a technique here? Thanks again for your help, Jeremy.
  6. Hi Forum I'm trying to increase the height of the video track - there is no resizing bar above it as there is above the video track and under the preview window, so I can't see how to increase it's height. Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mYE7rqZ7Y7VsZ0gvh_TLo6t52xeemAaI/view V 7.30 Thanks for any help!
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