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  1. Yes the stabilized video has audio. It's shot with a phone sideways and rotated 90° in Video Pad. I've tried other, shorter files, stabilized them and started editing... Just to test it. None create these super-files. Nor does any of my other projects (not stabilized). It's just this one who's is doing the short circuit. Anyway the program cancel all old cache-files automatically when I start loading this project. As if it knew what's coming.. I've finished it now, so it doesn't bother me anymore. Thanx 🍾
  2. The Stabilized.avi is 1,65 Gb and it will take 2 days to upload according to Dropbox. (I don't have fiber but struggle with ADSL) I'm not very techno... But the cache is created every time I load the project from the .vpj file. It builds up and is used during editing. When the project is saved and closed, the cache file remains until a new project is loaded. At that point the folder is cleared to make room for the new project. The vpj.-file shouldn't contain the cache. Correct me if I'm wrong. I just opened this project again. It took 1 hour and 36 minutes. At the end it had created
  3. Ok I maybe I figured it out. Here's the link to Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v24o52i5rilr3e6/AAD4duVWubYB8COcITCw1fqLa?dl=0 Hope it works Cheers
  4. The path used to be: C/Users/(user)/AppData/Local/Temp/VideoPadcache. In here there are a lot of files. The huge one was called 2148-3668-0.soundData.cache. Every time I open the project it creates new cache (...it takes more than an hour). The numbers are different but there's always one soundData.cache-file that is that big. Since it was to big for the SSD I changed it to the Harddisk: D/video/videocache. I hope that makes sence
  5. System AMD Ryzen 5 2500u Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.0 GHz 8 Gb SSd 128 Gb + Harddisk 1 Tb A Video clip 1280 - 720, length 18 minutes, Size 1,27 Gb. When I used stabilization on this clip, it was very slow. It took hours. When it was done I discovered a huge cache file only for the Audio of 80 Gigabyte. Is that really normal? And now, every time I open the project, some sort of process on the Audio file starts, and finishes after more than an hour. After that It's working normal-ish. Any ideas?
  6. I'm struggling with this too. But I don't seem to have the same buttons as you. Home Tab - To the right there's an Option-Button. But I have no Channels. All I have is an Audio tab but it's just for determining the output device. Where did I go wrong here? Cus your solution seems so easy. I've been suggested to copy every audio file in a new file, then open it in Wave pad and change from stereo to mono (Absurd... Then the free Wave Pad-version only works for a bit. Then you have to pay for Wave Pad too. I have the payed Video Pad Master Edition but it seems Wave Pad isn't included.
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