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  1. Hi Nat, Thanks for the info and suggestions. I think I solved the hole problem with the framerate discovery. Problem totally disappeared. (see posts earlier). Yes I do film with lots of lead in and out footage. St B
  2. Okay, I think I found the solution. It is caused by frame rate! And yes , makes zero sense how, but I experimented by adding a pink blank at the end of the sequence to see if I'll get a blank frozen frame in the said position, but no, it takes the last frame of the clip. But . . . . then I exported a video at 60fps and not the legacy value of 59.97fps (2x 29.97) , which I notice VP changes to when one specifies 60fps and, what do you know, the issue disappeared! I.e. VP does not like it if one specify exactly on its behalf, it will do its own adjustment (i think). So if you want to try and replicate the issue, try a video export and specify 59.94fps constant. St B
  3. Thank you borate for the download. Yes that is what I am suppose the get. Check the "frozen" image. It is not there (in the beginning of the clip) if you check the individual clips, that image with arms up high, is the last image of the clip. St B
  4. Hi Nat, "Between 26 and 27" is a "copy" of the last frame of the sequence. Not a clue how it gets there. "Was there a cut at this point". - Well it is the "set start" point on the clip preview window. Before that the dancers were standing around and getting their spacing right. "XFade choice? Static or overlap?". - Tried both, deleted the cut and replaced it again. No difference. It only happens when I add a X-fade. "Edit...I've got the clip downloaded now and in VLC the jump cut is still there but not too noticeable". - I also play it in VLC and on different LED TVs. The freeze is about 5 seconds and although you and I may think it is a nice artistic touch, it doesn't go down with the teacher (LOL). "Not noticed any black frames yet." I think the "black gap" is actually not a gap but also a freeze frame because in that video (first case), the last frame was black because of a fade out. My conclusion is that there are no gaps, it is in both cases the last frame that gets dragged into the "freeze zone". So there is only the one issue of the freeze frame, whatever the image or colour of the last frame. Thank you guys for your interest and trying to help. I am currently pressed to deliver this total project but will after delivery try and install VP issues backwards to see at what point this issue started. I never had this before that I can remember. St B
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Asm5jqTgepbLZjSF5h_jGBQm7jF_NAko/view?usp=sharing about 25 sec in. St B
  6. Original (source) video file format = 1920x1080 frame rate = 59.94 fps (60) Bitrate = 50892 kbps Intermediate export for add back into VP as clips video file format = 1920x1080 frame rate = 59.94 fps (60) Bitrate = 10000 kbps Final export video file format = 1920x1080 HD frame rate = Constant 29.97 fps (TV NTSC) Bitrate = 5000 kbps St B
  7. Nat - I am using VP 10.60 64 bit with mp4s. Transitions the last 2 or 3 weeks seems to be a nightmare. First I had the blue selection grab the cursor issue (which is still there) if one accidentally "accepts" by clicking outside the box but I have disciplined myself to rather "enter" to get out. Now on the final fine tuning of my videos, I am getting this. The first two videos' exports both had this problem. (still x12 to go!). I must add that I this morning scanned the video to find the position of the freeze frame and it looks like it is the last frame of the video. That said, I think the "black gap" is actually not a gap but also a freeze frame because in that video the last frame was black because of a fade out. I am very familiar with transitions, in particular with crossfade because I have used it many many time successfully before. And yes, I know about the overlapping choice which in my opinion has a big shortcoming in design. Surely a software designer should know if he gives someone the choice to overlap that everything after that point should stay in sync and move with? Unless I am missing something, it seems very logical requirement that goes without saying. The issue happens between two clips on the same track. -0-0- borate - I have sent a "Backup" link and an exported video demonstrating the issue. see +/- 25sec in. I must add that I this morning scanned the video to find the position of the freeze frame and it looks like it is the last frame of the video. That said, I think the "black gap" is actually not a gap but also a freeze frame because in that video (first case), the last frame was black because of a fade out. (first 2 of 16 projects). I fixed the first project by manually pushing the clips to overlap even more and some other fiddling around there. I think I accidentally fixed it but it wastes a lot of time and test exports every time. St B
  8. When I have two clips on the time line and joining them with "crossfade" transition, I get either a black gap or a random frame from the second clip frozen for a second at the start of the second clip on the export video of the project. When running the video in VP on the time line, everything is perfect. I have now shuffled and removed and re-placed the clips, tried to overlap them manually, but no success. The cross fade transition is sure giving me grey hairs! 🤦‍♂️ Any suggestions? St B
  9. No worries Borate, I solved the problem already on condition as above. St B
  10. Hi Nat, Yes it does work exactly like that, if that is what you want to do. However, this process is totally disconnected from the issues I had and what is happening when selecting timing on transitions in the popup box. But thank you anyway for responding. St B
  11. I think I found the solution. Do not leave the transition screen/box by clicking outside the box, on the time line etc. ONLY leave the transition box by "Enter". Then the problem does not come up. Update: I don't think the problem is project specific. I have tried now with various projects and I can reproduce the same issue on all of them. St B
  12. I have followed all instructions to the "T". All mouse setting where as per your images/instruction. "Clear Unused Cache Files" where already set. All files where deleted as per above and "This" version installed. . . .and "no change" issue is still there! However, I did accidently discovered something. While "Esc" does not release the cursor or reset the situation, right click on the timeline does! followed by a left click. This is at lease quicker than discarding everything and restarting but is clumsy and still not right. I maintain that changing the transition time value does set a undesired software variable somewhere. Next suggestion? St B
  13. I have sent a demo video. The issue is not specific to a certain clip. Thanks St B
  14. Okay, I have updated, reinstalled and recently updated again. I am now on version 10.60. I still get this blue annoying section select on the time line chasing after me but I have refined the process to reproduce the issue quite easy. It happens like clockwork every time I revisit a crossfade setting on the timeline to change the transition time. Going backwards (Ctrl-Z etc.) does not reset the issue. It will stay now until I close VP and restart again. The only workaround is to, on start-up, to change the transition time in the global options to what one wants, then select the crossfade transition where it will pick up the default transition time, and continue normally. If I want a different transition time, I have to restart VP, change the global setting and continue. It seems that once you touched the transition time for a specific transition on the timeline, something sets or swaps a variable in the software, thus the need to reload VP to get rid of it. Any comments? St B
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