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  1. I have latest updates of win 10 , 6 month old i5 Laptop. enough memory and SSD space with a Pioneer Bluray burner. .. . . but , Select Burner doesn't show any burner . At this point, I cannot use "Express Burn"! Any Ideas how to solve this problem? MFG St B
  2. Thanks again borate for your effort and response. I think I'm going to give up on this one. I don't want to waste your time any further. "Apparently the successful stabilized file is included in your link above" - Yes, but with sound unprocessed or (still processing) I tried again, can't find any sign of progress indication anywhere?? (I must say a shortcoming I found in some other processes as well) My hardware: (Maybe the software is hardware sensitive) Asus VivoBook Intel i5-8265U @ 1.60Ghz (8th Gen) Windows 10, 64-bit (update = current) Total SSD storage =
  3. Hi borate, Thank you for your response and I apologize for my delayed response. (In between everything else I am running around trying to keep my wife's Covid locked down dance studio alive) 1) I have installed the latest version of VP and the stabilizer (video and sound) did work perfectly. But then requested payment which, as said before, is not an option for me. So I restored to previous status, i.e. VP 8.23 2) Direct-X is up to date - ver 12. So is my Intel video drivers. 3) Herewith the Dropbox link (included is the original video file : "Original - VID_20200518_103
  4. Thank you for responding. I have tried a short clip as you suggested with the NTSC setting. It worked and the sound is there but . . . the preview window freezes halfway in. Tried a few times but no improvement. It does however works fine when viewing the exported video. Then tried a longer video, (the one that started this post), 7 1/2 minutes, but . . . no success. Keeps on telling that sound will be available after processing. (how many hours?) Nothing personal here, (your assistance is always appreciated), but having to pay NCH to repair a fundamental function they messed up,
  5. I have read thru this thread but unless I am missing something, I'm not getting the answer. (VP 8.23 , Win 10 , i5 - 8th Gen) I have: new project > single clip > run stabilize (takes very long) but gets done. Then If I want to play the clip, it says audio is still being processed. . . . . and still after hours when I give up. I have tried very short clip, no success with audio processing. What am I doing wrong? St B.
  6. (face slap!) Sorry, I looked at it about 20 times, oi! Thank you.
  7. Is this new in 8.35? I could not find it in 8.32, unless I am looking in the wrong place?? St B
  8. No choice if the transition is between the ends of the same split clip Default is an overlap of the moving video.You cannot have a frozen image crossfade.. The choice is given if the ends are from different clips even if they have been trimmed. i.e. The default is what is set in Options. "In that scenario, logical for sure. Maintains clean sync." Yep! That's the answer! I've been rushing thru so many videos that I didn't notice the "same split clip" situation. And yes, "logical for sure" ! Makes total sense, I am cutting out "stuff" (sometimes very short), and overlapping wil
  9. Thanks for the response. . . . . . mmm . . . not so sure. I have been editing videos like crazy the past two weeks, close to no 50 now (30min videos for online tuition), and have done numerous cuts on these videos to get rid of some disturbance or coughing or something, then use a "cross fade" to tidy up the transition, and every single time I got ask the question . When there is a short clip involved, it will give an additional warning saying that the clip is to short and that the transition time must be shorter, when I choose overlap. Now, I cannot get VP to ask me the question in any c
  10. My option to choose my transition method suddenly disappeared today. VP no longer asks me "... freeze.. or .... move clips". My settings under: Options->Editing-> Video clip transition: Generate freeze frames/ move clips to overlap/ Ask me . . . . is still set to "Ask me". Anybody that can solve the mystery ? St B.
  11. Ok, I've found that a new sound track cannot be linked, only grouped ???? St B
  12. Thanks borate, Got it to work! Very nice! Just one last question on the subject, How does one link the new sound track/s to the rest of the sequence. Every time I add a new header at start, every thing shifts up except the new sound track. Also, when I add crossfade on the video where the clips move forward for slight overlap, the new soundtrack stays put! St B
  13. Thanks for responding. I need to monitor track 1 for sync purposes, but I don't want it recorded on the new track, only the narration. I will at the end get rid of the original track 1. ie new track 2 (music) and track 3 (narration) must replace track 1. Is this possible? St B
  14. I am trying to add a new audio track (narration) to an existing video with a bad sound track. Is there a way of monitoring the original audio track on headphones so that I can here where to add the new narration. ie. Audio track 1 is the original sound track.(voice volume is way to low and music is quality was mic recorded). Audio track 2 is actual music and audio track 3 is the new narration. The aim here is to redo the audio with the new music and narration properly balanced to replace the original audio. anybody? St B
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