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  1. Great product, used successfully once but now trying to put a slide show together with several video clips which all have audio. However, the audio seems to run faster than the video clips & therefore becomes out of sync. 1st clip = 19.4 secs 1.5 sec Transition 2nd clip = 32.9 secs 1.5 sec Transition 3rd clip = 8.8 secs 1.5 sec Transition 4th clip = 5.8 secs 1.5 sec Transition etc, etc, etc, etc..... But, before the second clip has finished playing, I can hear the audio which relates to the 4th clip - therefore, this is why it's out of sync. Can this be rectified, if so how please?
  2. I'm a real novice at this so I require some (probably) basic help please.... I have inserted several video clips with differing lengths & differing transitions in-between. However, the audio of the clips runs faster than the clips & therefore becomes out of sync. How can this be rectified please so the visual & audio are running in time?
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