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  1. Let's start another thread which will be ignored by the program developers. Let's face it, if you bought this program while using Windows, you need to expect that things won't work like you're used to on your Mac. Just cut the losses and look for alternatives (like I will be doing ASAP). I am in the process of editing a banner for a new website of mine. Mind you, I edited the banner of the last website I did on my Windows laptop, so, this is not the first time I am using this program for this purpose. Issues I am facing: I have a two line text which has to be in a matching color. Nei
  2. Hi there, I have switched to Mac last month and I am noticing massive differences in how things are displayed in this software. For example, there is an automatic shadow layer to a photo layer itself which has no purpose other than simply making the workspace look floating or 3D. If I am editing a photo with a lower area in the same color as this automatic background and it is annoying because the shadow can be mistaken as part of the photo. I want to get rid of it, but, after looking under all possible settings, there is nothing I can click to deactivate this "feature". Now, in compariso
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