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  1. Nat: I have had to use the multi lines of text as you indicated in order to time the text with the audio file. Some tunes the chorus and the verse are of different cadence and do require being separate to scroll at different speeds.. However if you had a tune with 50 lines...
  2. I have a link for a portable project for you: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xVmaN2Qx3oDP3ThgtJY-R1Ab5I6YJC1k What I have done is used a current project. The original cropping, scaling, etc is the left half of the screen. On the right I have not cropped the text but put a transparency scaled and cropped of the background to show the differences and similarities of both options to create the similar end result. As you can see, the text scrolling has to exit at the top of the screen in order for the video to finish. This causes, in this video, approximately 25 seconds beyond th
  3. Borate: working on it... Nat: Actually, I was layering as you indicated but found that cropping the text is simpler. The problem lies in the fact that either way only hides the area that the text is excluded from. I have found that cropping the text does exactly what layering (as you indicated) does. The problem is the "window" remains the size of the screen and cropping or layering only hides the scrolling text. With the text cropped to a window at the bottom of the screen, the text still has to scroll (invisibly) off the top of the screen to end the sequence. So to have the last line of
  4. I am building "sing along videos" from original music, adding a static background image, and vertical scrolling lyrics (text) at the bottom of the screen. I have limited the "visible" text to four lines at the bottom of the screen using crop. Visually this is working, however, because of the nature of the text image, the last line of text has to scroll off the top of the screen to end the sequence. This causes an unwanted length of time after the audio file has finished where (visibly) nothing is happening. Is there a way to specify the size of a window for the text to scroll in without
  5. Once again, Thank you for your time and effort. Ver 7.02 is functioning perfectly and all the videos I have produced with it are exporting and running perfectly.
  6. Thank you for your time and patience. I will try with the version you indicated (7.02) and I have my fingers crossed. The result looks good, hopefully I can repeat the same.
  7. I have put together a video in avi format and mp4 format with different photos of different resolutions using ver 7.11. For the export settings for mp4, I have selected the 720p preset and left everything else to default. For the export settings for avi, I have selected file format AVI and resolution 720p The text problem seems to have been solved, however, some of the photos do not scale correctly (using preset 4:3 to 16:9). There is also a similar right side cutoff with the pan and zoom feature. portable project : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ofa3LwB0XRd2KoRspKzLdC1
  8. Apologies for not getting this up sooner. This video was probably not the best choice, as the text fit in the video copies that are missing the sides. I believe this example of the same video, is exported from v7.00, but it is full screen before I began having the problem with the sides being cut off. It also shows the smear or bleed problem I had before updating to v7.10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tal2qlNwESpLq-80yL30z9DeaRM2LUrK Yes the album cover resolution is not the best. It was copied from the site I got the lyrics from.
  9. I have tried v7.11 but it caused the text "smear" or "bleed" to re-occur so I have reverted to v7.10. The following links are for: portable project - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gtseITKI4G46MkXszxSIZtLo1mvI8EhK completed export file youtube 720p 25fps - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1le9zlPLksgyZeHtezONjN-JUSJfFq1A2 completed export NTSC 720p 29.97fps - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yKBq3tDffu7MIEA_UiQ_ITKBSBQheNvt
  10. The following are my computer specs and the VideoPad settings and export parameters I am using. Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601.24443) Acer Aspire 5100 V3.13 2.20 gigahertz AMD Turion 64 MK-38 512 kilobyte primary memory cache 64-bit ready 3840 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 [Display adapter] VideoPad Options: Display: Show dual previews Preview format, Width 512, Height 288, Preset 512x288 (16:9) Frame Rate 29.970 360 Preview FOV: 90 Show custom t
  11. I have created new projects using only a single jpg image in a 10 second exported video. The clip/sequence preview I am using is 512 x 288 (16:9) The jpg image resolution is 2560 x 1920 The export settings are 720p, mp4, 29.97fps I have tried the following: No crop, scale, or zoom Results are; the complete image with black bars on both sides as expected, in the clip preview, sequence preview, and exported video. Scale preset 4:3 to 16:9 (H ratio 1.34 V ratio 1.34) The clip preview and sequence preview shows the image filling the screens. The exported video has e
  12. I am sorry, it seems I am not posing the problem clearly, but I do thank you for all your help and information, it has made editing easier. The problem is not the building of the video, it is the export. The exported file is not being created as I would like it. I am choosing the editor selections and resolution to match what should be the exported video so I can edit and see how it should look before export. The exported video has about 12 % of the video cut off from each side. The video is not shrunk. The original background is not distorted in any way except for having both s
  13. First let me define what I am working on; Creating "sing along" videos using original music with scrolling lyrics and a photo for background, setting the video size to fill the screen of a wide screen tv. This is to help a family member regain their ability to speak after suffering a severe stroke. I seem to be missing something here (besides my mind), let me go through what I have done to hopefully help clarify. I have set the sequence preview to 16:9 (512 x 288) to view the project in the resolution (16:9) that I would export it in. I had scaled the background image to f
  14. Thanks for all the information. I intend to use it wisely, right after I get the lawn mowed.😉
  15. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my dilemma. The cropping of the scrolling text is not the issue. The exported video screen sizing/scaling is the issue. I scale the background jpg to fill the editor/preview screen, which is set to 16:9 (512 x 288) I then add in the text file and adjust it where necessary (line length) to fit the editor/preview screen. I then get the timing correct by adjusting the text file on the timeline so that the correct line of text is in the cropped area. Everything is working up to this point. Until I decided to export as AVI file format, the Wi
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