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  1. Hello, I have about 24 or so clips I want to edit together for a video, but once I hit about 16 clips total at the time frame of about 2 minutes, Video pad started to get kinda slow. Upon noticing this, I went ahead and restarted my computer and video pad editor, but upon pulling up the project, all the video files that were there earlier ended up converting into what the video pad software considers audio files, and almost doubled in size to about 38 audio clips. These clips have no sound at all, and the previous video files are completely missing. I even loaded an earlier version of the project, and the same thing occurred to the project with less total clips. Is this an error on my end, i.e. my processor may not be strong enough to render all these video clips, or is this a video pad editor problem? This has happened multiple times before when I am editing video clips together, and it is getting very annoying. Any insight or help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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