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  1. wmv at 15 frames got me down to 50 meg's.. so tat will do. cheers! (meant to answer, no is not for youtube upload, just file to keep)
  2. thank you all, i will try to use suggestions and see. but.. here again is my initial confusion. i have just used my youtube downloader app to get Taylor swift, shake it off. the file is 45mb's mp4. how is it so low for a 4 minute song/video?? (i have tried to upload the file here so can see for yourselves that it's 45mb's and plays beautifully, but there doesnt seem to be an option here)
  3. its ridiculous. i inport a mp4 youtube vid in 1080p and it's 40-50mb... and i ask it to keep quality at ONLY 15 frames per second and the file is 100mb. aargh.
  4. cheers jimmy, knew i could change "back"... but seem to have a loss of quality somewhere.. and would love it if it just kept the file as is.. when adding to project
  5. new here, sorry if has been asked before. i want to know how to upload mp4 youtubes without changing to vpj format... as before they are moved and are just downloaded by my downloader app... they are say... 35mb and good quality.. and when i add them to my project they are instantly converted to vpj??? format and are almost twice the size. is it poss to add/drag files without them going to vpj? cheers
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