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  1. No luck figuring this out. Using fn doesn't resolve the issue, unfortunately. My advice is to select View > Float Above Other Windows in Express Scribe and then to manually insert it. I've submitted a ticket to see if they can't figure out this issue. Hoping for some answers soon! Sigh, ES used to work great on my MacBook Pro!
  2. So, this function used to work just fine when you had Microsoft Word open and were typing. I'm on OS Mojave (Dark Mode) and have had no luck getting this work. In fact, other commands aren't really working either, anymore. N_C_H_josh's suggestion only works if you click back into the Express Scribe window, and you can easily type the timecode in yourself by keeping Express Scribe by hitting View>Float above other windows. Really hoping someone has a solution to this, because adding hotkeys no longer works!
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