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  1. After adding my Music folder and scanning, there are a bunch of files with this info, and indeed the listed file doesn't exist in the indicated folder. So how/why are those being added to the list in the first place? One possibly related issue is that after the scan, there are many folders that don't exist (also being shown in the extended info), in this case they are all under the Music/My Playlists folder, where indeed that indicated folder does not exist down that path. Is it possible that all of these issues are the result of trying to include tracks that may be in a playlist, but don't exist? Thanks - Barney
  2. I have tried with the Add files - when I select *.wma for the file name, or wma from the supported extensions, I do not get a list of wma files. If I try to select folder (really more appropriate for me, as I want to convert all wma files in my music tree), it adds All files, very time-consuming and unnecessary - don't see a way to just add .wma files from across the folders. So, how to do?
  3. Hi - I see that there is a Mirror folder/tree type of backup. "Mirror" backups I see described elsewhere generally do delete data that are missing in the Src, from the Dst tree. Is this the case here? I want to simply Copy new files/versions to an archive - so Not removing anything from the Dst; and file-based backup, no compressed or in a single file. Is this possible in FileFort?
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