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  1. Have done, and have succeeeded in getting a good audio track on the clips, and have now re-edited them. Please advise each time when future updates eliminate these issues.
  2. ALL the source files are muxed. However, some do not have the audio shrinkage issue. If I can get the spreadsheet to you, you can see if you can identify a pattern, and pick the file you want
  3. OK, I've got the MPC data now for the two files I sent you. I'll now try some other tapes. I've created a spreadsheet of other tapes. How do I add it here? I've tried copy and paste, but that doesn't work.
  4. Installed, launched directly ... heading shows "MPC-BE. - VLC media player" Below that is a set of headings - Media, Playback, Audio, Video, Subtitle , Tools, View, Help ... NO file menu ...Clicking on the white band at the top of the screen gives a option list - Restore, Move, Size, Minimise, Maximise, Close
  5. That loads VLC - no toolbar, no file menu .....
  6. I have VLC, but couldn't find FILE|PROPERTIES, so downloaded the latest vesrion - no difference. I then downloaded Media Info tool, but I can't find anything that looks like the above. What am I doing wrong?
  7. If this is the case, why does it only affect a handful of my tapes? All were shot on the same sort of miniDV tape, on the same camcorder; imported to PC by firewire the same way, imported the same way into the same copy and version of Videopad. Why does it appear to accept 'muxing' for all the other tapes/files?
  8. Done. Please confirm safe receipt. Info updates and revisions re issue: - It doesn't matter whether the clip is first or second upload, it still screws up. The first file {020801~J(1)} on this clip also has the issue. The audio track 'flatlines' (the graphic on audio track one at the bottom of the screen) on the project file from about 5m 45s to 9m 27s; when input is from the second file {020801~J(2)}. The audio is increasingly out of sync with the video, and at about 12m 16s, a 'chipmunk' type high-pitched voiuce can be heard. If you play the source files on VLC, or WMV; they behave normally. If you import them to videopad, the audio track shrinks to 2/3 of original length: check the graphic on the audio track one at the bottom of the screen, and the last 1/3 is a 'flatline'. Please advise in due course
  9. I've uploaded the three files ... two sorce files, and the vpj project file. Oddly, it'll take them , but not the folder. How do I pm you the three links? I'll send further info once you have all the clips
  10. Sorry, I no longer have the original code; I seem to have deleted that email. OK, but I don't need to select stream 1 or 2? Sorry, I've no idea how to upload it to any of the listed sites. Please advise; key by key, how I do this.
  11. I have shot two test tapes, and cannot replicate the issue. I may have to send you some of the clips with the issue, but only if I can be guaranteed their security. Please advise, key by key, how I do this, with a secure link to somewhere to upload the file as a personal upload. I've noticed also that when importing clips, it sometimes asks which audio stream (1 or 2) I want to use, which suggests stereo sound, but all my recordings were done with a mono microphone. I hit the 'x' at top-right of that option, and it seems to make no difference on any clip. Having tried the then latest version as suugested above, without change to the results, my licence for 7.02 appears to have been removed. Please advise the numbers I need to reinstate this.
  12. No change on the current version. The audio is part of the video file, rather than a separate file.
  13. I've right-clicked and the speed is 100%, and 'Keep audio pitch unchanged' is checked. I'm sorry, I can't share the clip, nor the first one of the project, and I suspect the issue won't arise with only one clip I may have to shoot two more clips after the holiday, and upload them. Mike.
  14. I am using Videopad 7.02. After work in the early part of this year to overcome both video and audio issues with importing .avi files, I have been working successfully. However, I've now encountered a further issue. If I upload two tapes to a project, the second tape suffers an error in that, while the video is imported correctly, the audio is compressed into exactly two-thirds of the clip length, and the pitch of the sound is raised, so it becomes out of sync with the picture, and sounds like the chipmunks!! If this issue has been addressed in a release/update since mine, please advise how I update mine. Thanks, Mike.
  15. When importing .avi files recently, the 'Loading Project' box is covered by another box 'Select Stream', showing the name of the file being imported and its location. It also shows 'Audio Stream' and a box with the options 'Stream 1: 2 channel(s), 32000 Hertz' , and 'Stream 2: 2 channel(s), 32000 Hertz'. Whichever one I select seems to make no difference to the imported sound track. It is extremely quiet, in fact barely audible, and slowly over the course of the track, becomes out of sync with the video track. I'm not using stereo mics, so why has this suddenly started happening? Mike.
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