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  1. Hi Kyril, I have a similar problem when recording from a VCR. Connection and recording is OK but stops after a couple of seconds Did you solve your problem? Grts, Dirk VH
  2. Thanks ! Works fine now! I will try the trick as you described. My camera (Sony HDR-PJ810E) has 2 microphone settings: 5.1ch Surround and 2ch stereo. I switched to 2ch stereo and now the volume sliders are working .
  3. Hi, thanks again. I uploaded the files (vpj + source files) to "We Transfer" Here is the link: https://we.tl/t-gofmA0Bz4r As you can see, the volume sliders don't work.
  4. do you mean: export to video > portable video ? If so, what settings? Or do you need the *.vpj files + videoclips? (To save as *.vpj, I don´t see "portable") Or both?
  5. How do I attach or insert or upload my project ?
  6. thanks for your reply. I´m using 7.0 since a couple of days. I never had this problem with my previous version ( 4.14. ) Audio track 1, linked to video track 1: Neither the slider on the left or on individual clips works. Mute/un mute works. Audio track 2: volume slider(s) are working
  7. I can mute and unmute the audiotrack(s) volume or the clips on that track I can NOT ADJUST the volume of audiotrack 1 or the clips on that track; Audiotrack 2: volume adjust works fine.
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