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  1. I'm working on another test export, and once I'm done I will save and upload the portable project. Quick update, I'm a bit closer to solving the problem after trying one more thing. I'm not sure why this almost fixed it but after I removed a zoom effect from the clip (the only effect I had on the clip), the video exports with the clip playing at the "changed" speed. I'm going to do a little more testing, since I'd like to have both a "zoom" effect and a "change speed" setting on the clip, but worst case scenario, maybe I can export the clip with "change speed" only, then reimport for the
  2. Hi everyone, I just got a paid Videopad license for this project, and it appears to be failing at a very basic function for me. I'm using videopad 6.05 on my Mac OS X 10.7.5. I'm trying to sync two video clips to an external audio recording from a live music performance. One of the video clips is perfectly sync'd already but the other is a bit laggy and I have to speed it up to 100.1% speed. After doing this, in preview mode the clips are perfectly in sync with the audio, but every time I export the "change clip speed" seems to have no effect and the clip is still laggy relative to the au
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