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  1. A share that I own is doing a 1 for 8 capital restructure. Every 8 shares I currently own will be converted to 1 share. Obviously the share price will probably jump to 8x what they are currently when it goes through. How can I change my holdings (number of shares & current value) to reflect this change in Moneyline?
  2. I added a new savings account but it does not show in the Banking Accounts summary section. Any thoughts? Is there a max of 10 accounts in the Banking Accounts available to be shown?
  3. Thanks for that....I created a new folder on the hard drive & it worked. Cheers
  4. I can backup Moneyline to a USB stick but when I try to use my WD hard drive on my Mac it says "cannot write to the destination folder"........don't have any other problems using this backup drive...only when using Moneyline????
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