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    Hi! I'm confused by the exporting options. My techie son, over for Christmas, exported (saved) my project file as an mpg to my own computer, but if I click on it, it doesn't play, nor when I copy it to my external hard drive nor to a thumb drive. What file format must I choose to export my project to a thumb drive? Two of my sons don't have cd players, and they went ballistic over the idea of uploading the show to YouTube, even though I told them you could make it private (they say YouTube is always making mistakes). So can someone please explain what file format I should choose to be able to put the slideshow on a thumb drive? Or a workaround? (For example, won't anything that will play on a disc also play on a thumb drive?) Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, Josh, thank you for your reply. Did you see my understanding of moving a file from a CD to a thumb drive is just a matter of dragging it, of Copy/Pasting it from the CD to the thumb drive? Is that right? Also, what do you mean, the file would just be a video file. Will the CD user be able to run it as a slideshow, with the music and effects I put in? Do you mean that the user would not be able to further edit the program? Thank you, Merry Christmas!
  3. I bought the program and see my choices in exporting are onto to CD's (excluding the various cloud options), not thumb drives. But is it possible and not too complicated to copy from the CD you made to a thumb drive? Even for a big file like the slideshow presumably is, can you just open two Windows Explorers and drag and drop the file? Or could it be that the program lets you select the CD option, but then at Browse, simply select the thumb drive instead of the CD in that menu? Or are the two downloads' programs too different? Thank you, if anyone sees this.
  4. Thank you, it all worked out after some anguish. I kept clicking on the green logo above the word File and so could not see any option to register the product. Finally the Chat feature got me straight (after some consternation on their part--but there have got to be lots of non-techie grammas scanning in the family photos who could easily make such an error). Thank you for your reply, Merry Christmas, my slide show is all ready for my family today and it's awesome and it was easy.
  5. I have the whole show finished, just need to export. I just bought the program and it is inviting me to download it, whereas I already did download the trial version. Am I going to lose the whole show when I download? I expected an activation code!
  6. Hi! Made show of all the family photos, want to give as Christmas present tomorrow. Not all have cd drives anymore. I haven't tried yet (I haven't bought the program yet! No time!) but is a thumb drive one of the options, or only cd? And if cd, would I be able to copy the show from there to a thumb drive? (No techie, me!) Thank you!
  7. I'm sure this is a dumb question! But doing a very fast slideshow for family for Christmas, day after tomorrow!
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