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  1. ok thanks guys. I can work around but thought I'd ask about it. Got it, thanks. 👍
  2. Also, I can add a black background to work around that but if you look at the animation position and capture a shot with it in a certain location this is not captured. It goes back to the clip preview and captures that.
  3. yes, please remind me of how to over-install or open past version.
  4. Ok, I'll try that. Can you please remind me how to reinstall a previous version of Videopad? Thanks Borate.
  5. You can go anywhere on Sequence 1 and try taking a snapshot. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4jtz05aeq2ck38j/AAAkpcvROYLZaR-Nmq9EJ5WWa?dl=0
  6. Just tried v7.51 with the same result on the file with a problem. I've also tried clearing the cache. I will keep messing with it and see if I can correct it. It seems to be a specific file problem. Thanks.
  7. Just tried F11 and got the same result. I'm using v 7.22.
  8. Hey Borate. Yes, that is what I do but it doesn't capture the sequence, it takes the snapshot of the clip preview. In other words, when you take snapshot of sequence with the sequence showing and selected it jumps back to the clip preview tab and takes a snapshot of the clip preview.
  9. When trying to take a snapshot of a sequence Videopad jumps to the clip preview and takes a snapshot of the clip preview rather than the sequence preview. This has happened to me before and by playing around for a while I was able to correct it but I don't know what I did. Anyone know what specifically corrects this? Thanks, TAC
  10. First, 7.22 so far has worked nicely for me and is the most stable version I've used. The Zoom and Pan & Zoom issues seem to be fixed along with the 7.21 delete issue. Question; does anyone know how to change the default folder so that "Take Snapshot of Clips" will save the image in the folder you are working from? By default on my PC it always saves to the folder "Pictures". If you can't change this it would be a nice upgrade. Thanks, TAC
  11. Hmm, well, I removed all transitions and it exported fully & correctly at 1920x1080 HD.
  12. Thanks Nat & borate for your investigation. I think it is related to the FX pan & zoom. I was exporting the project frequently through the creation and as soon as I add the FX pan & zooms ( I use a lot of these) the export issue appeared. TAC
  13. Hi Nat, I see a bunch of jpg files, a couple mp3, an m4v, and the Beartooth 2018 vpj. If it is not there I can upload it again? Thanks, TAC
  14. ok, uploaded the project and reestablished the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ub145a4azohp04g/20180721_141931.zip?dl=0 Thanks, TAC
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