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  1. I've had this happen to me before. I believe it happened due to a save file being corrupted. My solution to fix the problem went like this.... 1. Export each track individually. 2. Start New Project. 3. Import all tracks & fix the timing issues on each track as needed 4. Save the project as a new project save (not over top of the old one) 5. Export to file again.
  2. I find this topic interesting. I believe it hasn't been answered because there is information missing to be able to answer it. With my interface (Mackie Big Knob Studio) the way I currently have it set, recording on input 1 to any track works just fine with playback. Though I can only talk about my own setup with this interface. On the Mackie Big Knob Studio there's a button to record from inputs or record 2-Track. If it's on the 2 track setting, then it behaves as everyone is complaining about. It will re-record anything that is playing back. To get it to playback without re-recording the track, it MUST be set to Inputs and not to 2-Track. Though I'm not entirely sure that is the way it's supposed to operate. I only need a single channel to record at a time, so setting it up to record off inputs works just fine. Though if I do need to record off 3/4, I'd be screwed or have to contact Mackie's support to get it working right without recording the playback. With that in mind. It's possible that the issues from the OP and others commenting very well may be within the interface and not the software.
  3. Is there any way to setup bus's in Mixpad like you can in other DAW's? I'm not seeing any options for setting up a bus. I'd really prefer a master bus that you can automate and a group bus you can add FX to. As it is right now, to do a simple fade out I'm having to export to WAV, then bring the WAV back in to automate fade out and export again. I'd much rather do that on a master bus. Not really fond of adding fade out to every track individually either when that should be able to be done on a Master bus. Thanks, RJ
  4. Crossfade maybe? Fading out of one track as the next one is fading in. If that isn't you're best option, then instead of using mixpad, you might want to use wavepad and just append one to the next to the next though depending on the songs and how they're arranged, that might sound sloppy.
  5. Before I get into the main question, I couldn't seem to find a search. Even posting this it's asking for tags, so I'm assuming you can search the forum some kind of way. Any help finding that might help in not having to post. Thanks..... The meat of the question: I'm trying to figure out a way to automate the master volume fader. I'm not set on Mixpad yet, I'm still testing the features, but it's one thing I can't figure out. Also have other programs installed trying to figure what is the best for me. Mixpad seems relatively simple in comparison to the other programs. I'm surprised I couldn't find a tutorial on it. I would have thought that would be a basic thing easy to figure out. Fade Out/Fade In just sets it on the individual tracks, but there should be a way to control the master fader rather than on each individual clip. A short term solution has been to save it without fade out, export it, create a new one and then add the fade out separately on the exported file, but even that is a hassle when you could just automate the master fader.
  6. Focusrite products are known to sometimes have issues in Windows and can do odd things, though it does not happen with every system. It has more to do with the fact that Focusrite doesn't put out driver updates, so whatever is built into windows is what it uses, which sometimes can cause problems with other hardware. These same issues don't happen on Mac or Linux systems. Otherwise, Focusrite products will work just fine with Mixpad, but issues you may experience very well may be due to the focusrite and windows issues rather than any issue with mixpad itself.
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