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  1. Borate, in your 2nd step, you say to click "Overlay on Sequence at Cursor". I dont get that option. See my screenshot below. It appears the scrubber is in the correct position (at the beginning). Any suggestions? My version is Video Pad Professional 6.01
  2. Thank you borate and Nat. I am going to get to work putting these fixes in place! Ive been a bit persistent in asking these questions (simple as they may be) because this video is for someone who is dying of cancer and may only be with us another week or two. Thank you so much for helping me.
  3. Can someone help me out? This is a link to my zipped project file. I want to mute the Video Track. That's all Im looking to do. How do I do that? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqfPlivvrtAdjt8F6kobL7dmhsqmQg More detail: I want to save this project file as an MP4 file. I want my MP3 file (Audio Track 1) to play in the background. That is the ONLY audio I want to play. I want the Video Track (a mix of images and video clips) to have NO AUDIO (muted). Thank you.
  4. Hmm. I have a single audio track (titled "Audio Track 1" and is my MP3 song) and a single video track (titled "Video Track 2"). I dont have a "Video Track 1". But, does the name matter? If so, I will rename it.
  5. Yes. Thats what I have ( the MP3 IS on a separate track and is unmuted). I just thought I could right-click to the left of the VideoTrack and click "Mute Track". But, I dont get that option. So, I will just follow your instructions and try to upload my project file. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Borate, but unfortunately that just muted everything (even the MP3 of my audio track that I wanted to play throughout the MP4 file). I think I will just save my Project file and try to upload it to this topic and see if someone knows what Im doing wrong.
  7. Thanks, but I dont want to mute the audio track. I want to mute my video track. My video clips within the video track contain audio and I want to mute all that.
  8. You might be misunderstanding my question (but thanks for trying to help me). I want to leave the audio track the way it is. But the Video track (which has a mix of videos and images in it) is what I want to mute.
  9. I only have one Video Track (and one Audio Track). Ive been looking through the Community Forum and watching the video tutorials for an answer on this. Im thinking it just must be a couple clicks to mute the audio for all the clips on the Video Track. Thank you!
  10. Here is the screenshot. Hope this helps. Thank you! From what I can tell, the checkerboard squares are the images. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqfPlivvrtAdjt5-t_EXZU6kLzsSLQ I may not be doing this right. I saved a screenshot to my Desktop of my Project file. Thought I could just upload it. But, I went to the "Upload other media" button and the only option I could use was "Insert image from URL". So I put the image in my cloud storage (which is the link I shared above).
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