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  1. Many thanks guys for your expert help : Nationalsolo (Nat) your close gap method worked after I managed to work it out as I found this program to be very sensitive, perhaps temperamental, but just a matter of getting used to it I guess. Thanks also to for making the time to help out, much appreciated. Borate, your tip on delete/ripple is very useful. It's one of the best programmes have had the pleasure to try and Export results are amazing when converting as .Mpeg. All the best
  2. Hi all, been away from editing videos for a while so would appreciate some feedback from you guys Have made a 2 second cut in between frames which I need to close, or join together, OR alternatively mute or add some fade in perhaps ?! Looked in vain but cannot find any way to accomplish this. Probably looking too hard ?
  3. Hi been following this problem with great interest. You've hit the nail on the head c_major Had sound issues with the download of this prog myself so went to options as suggested and checked audio setting, located top of prog on RHS It will most probably be already set on Default playback device, BUT you need to specify which one you want i.e. Comm headphones or Speakers, otherwise it will be muted permanently. BTW on my first try, on selecting headphones, nothing occurred, but go back and click again and you'll be good to go Am using VideoPad v6.10 ? (Posted 0
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