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    Start in background

    To be more specific, I want to start in the system tray, not just start with a minimized window.
  2. Is there a way to start Inventoria in the background, such as by command line option? I'd like to make sure it is automatically started at PC reboot, to activate the web server, but would prefer not having to switch it to background manually each time with the "Continue in Background" option. I have added a shortcut to inventoria.exe to my startup folder, so if there is a command line option this would be trivial. Conversely, if there is a better way, please advise. BTW I reviewed all the forum entries for Inventoria and saw nothing on this. Also experimented with executing inventoria.exe from command prompt and saw no variation in response to -?, -h, -help, -xxx etc. Running v4.03 on Windows 10 Professional.
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