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  1. The Help file mentions a Music Transcriber. Where is it?
  2. I'm not using the Transpose feature, I'm referring to a key change within a piece. The piece I was working on starts in F Major then later, part way along a line, changes key to C Major. There is no problem changing key since all subsequent lines don't have the flat sign at the start on the B line of the treble clef, as required by the key of F Major. However, the exact point at which the key changes from F Major to C Major needs to be indicated by a natural sign on the B line of the treble clef. Hopefully this feature, whereby the exact point of a change of key from any other key to C Major (or A Minor) is indicated with a key signature containing the appropriate number of natural signs, will be included in a later version. Until then I have to draw them in on the printed sheets, otherwise performers of the piece will be unaware of the position of the key change.
  3. When changing key from say F Major to C major the new key signature needs to be a natural sign on the middle line of the treble clef otherwise there is no indication that the key has changed. As far as I can tell this is currently not possible. Is this correct?
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