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  1. Thx for clarifying, perhaps sth for future updates but good work arounds
  2. The current default fade in duration is by 2.000 (2secs) I would like to change this default fade duration to a different time. Where could I find the option for that? Many thx
  3. Thx will consider and do that in the future Just as an add on to my issue. It seemed to only happen to older projects where the original files haven't been stored in the project folder itself. But still would like to get that issue resolved....
  4. I see, The funny thing is I never moved the missing files anywhere but remained in the same file location.... I just did a reinstallation, but he issue remains
  5. When opening a random video project I have to resolve missing files, which is fine. But when clicking on RESOLVE, no pop up window appears. In other words it won't let me resolve and find the missing files... Wouldn't wanna load the project and add the missing files individually again.. Any thoughts? btw restarted videopad numerous times, also the PC and installed newest update.....but made no difference
  6. Super, thanks so much. Found them.
  7. Hi there, Another thing I stumbled upon.... Would like to share my costume effects template with my friend who is using the same program. How and where could I do that. I went through my pc files to access them but no success What would you suggest?
  8. Thanks so much for the input, guys Yes I had the feeling that this possible yet. thanks anyways!!
  9. I added numerous text slides with the same font and colour, etc. but have decided I would like to change the size of the text and font for all my text slides. How can I apply all the adjustments to all of the text slides at once, so I don't have to change them individually? Any input is welcome!! THX
  10. Many thanks for the reply and Infos. I've used the shadow effect which works great.
  11. I am looking for plugins or text effect options that create a 3D Texteffect when adding text to my video. Would appreciate any help or suggestions. Many thanks
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