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  1. Hi Telephony, Thanks for your reply. I believe I figured out with the issue is - my webcam may not encode to h.264, but Debut recognizes it if I change the encoding to YUY2. Looks like that solved the problem. Thanks for your help! Cheers
  2. I just purchased NCH Debut this morning after using the free home version to vlog/tape auditions for my acting career for a while. Now, after purchase, Debut won't recognize my Logitech C920 USB webcam. The program opens to recording the screen as the default, even though the webcam is plugged in. Some pertinent details: The webcam worked with the Debut demo software with no issues. The webcam continues to work with other programs, like Gchat and Windows Camera; so I have a feeling it's an NCH Debut issue. The webcam shows up in the "Options" for Debut, and I can adjust setti
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