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  1. I applied a customer's payment incorrectly, actually I applied the wrong amount. I need to reverse this. please help, finance meeting in two hours. GULP
  2. SuliMason


    when i try and print the days sales it cant. it only prints the item at the top of the list. really frustrating as we try to balance the cash register at the en of every shift. plus we could use a Point of Sale server where the activities of the point of Sale can be monitored from a central location
  3. Hi, Inventoria and Copper are working fine since they're on the same network and on the same location. My office is relocating and and how do I sync the Copper PoS and Inventoria which is now on two different locations. Will the Copper POS be able to sync data from the inventory server over the internet if I configure port forwarding on the router. Thanks in advance
  4. SuliMason


    How do I configure Copper PoS to make sale by customers who use debit and credit cards? Thanks in advance
  5. Much appreciated ELK Much Appreciated
  6. Need help to link Inventoria to Copper. Sadly no videos on youtube could be of help. I have scanned the products, described the items with the appropriate tax and quantity in inventory. Sadly the Copper PoS cant pick the item when I scan it. Thanks in Advance
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